Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Legends of The Road, Part II

July 10, 2013
  Working on Legends of the Road when romance surrounded The Great American Road Trip. But even at that time there was a holdover from the 1940s, old miners and forties cars still banging across old trails by which the pioneers carved out the roads which augered the future of car travel in the United States.

And I sketched Floyd Cisney again, but still don't quite have his likeness.

Mouth isn't quite right, but this led me to seek out Maynard Dixon and his sparse design, which helped me approach the concept from a different direction:

"It was the West, the real great, free, open West we had come to see. . .ranches, cowboys, Indians, not little cities like sample New Yorks."
—Emily Post, 1916, "By Motor to The Golden Gate"