Wednesday, December 11, 2013

BBB Bags Another Big Award

December 12, 12013
   If you thought the recent Emmy win was a fluke, check this out. Back in 1974 The Razz Revue crew received an extra big Oscar at Old Tucson Studios for "a record number of attempts at trying to be humorous." I believe the old record was 12.
L to R: Dan The Man Harshberger, Terry Townsend and BBB receive an extra big Oscar with a floppy base—note how statue doesn't line up with base, from a guy with madras pants and a Mexican wedding shirt, so popular at the time.

   We were shooting our first Old West issue of the Razz (we did two) and we traded ad space for the privilege of shooting on the grounds. When the manager of operations noticed we were shooting "humorous" scenes he brought out this oversized statuette and wondered if we could use it in our "zany antics." I said sure, "Hand it to me."

"On Behalf the Academy I'd like to thank the makers of my top hat and the slim fitting bell bottoms from Jeff Bloom's Eclipse on Fourth Avenue in Tucson)."