Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Into The Valley of Urination

December 3, 2013
   Home stretch of our major Fountain-Garrett murder feature. Here is a photo montage of the Pat Garrett death site which I took in 1991.

Pat Garrett's Last View of the Planet

   Garrett, Adamson and Brazel traversed this valley from right to left. That's San Augustine Pass in the upper right corner, and Garrett's ranch is just over that rise. The old road has been bypassed (to the far ridge) and it is grown over but it probably looked kind of like this:

Daily Whipout, "Into The Valley of Death"

   Wayne Brazel rode along side Garrett's buggy as the two argued over goats. Worked this morning on finishing the Pat Garrett splash page illustration. Pardon my French, but this is called "A Piss Poor Way to Die"

Daily Whipout, "Pat Garrett Gets His"

   One of the conspirators in Garrett's assassination said the old lawman "fell like a sack of potatoes" after being shot in the back of the head while he was urinating. No one was surprised, least of all Garrett:

"Men like myself, who spend their lives making enemies of the pests of scoiety, must expect to be killed sometime."
—Pat Garrett