Sunday, December 01, 2013

Out West With Weston

December 1, 2013
  Had a very busy week last week. We had house guests on Monday and Tuesday:

Deena C. and her son Weston solve some life with G-Paw

   On Wednesday, we all flew to Burbank to be with the Bortscheller's for Thanksgiving. Took our grandson on a walk on a foggy Pasadena morning:

Grandma Goose with Weston out for a walk on Thanksgiving morning in Pasadena.

   Got back on Friday evening. Went and saw "Nebraska" at Camelview 5. Loved it. Fave scene: a room full of Lutheran men watching a football game with beers in their hands and flat expressions as the announcer, unseen, giddily describes the touchdown action and the men show zero emotion. Brilliantly played. Been there and seen it with my own eyes.

"There is no trick to writing a believable love story, a heartbreaking scene or real-sounding dialogue. All you need is to tell the truth. It's always heartbreaking."
—Ethan Hawke, on the "trick to writing a believable love story"