Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Music Mountains From The Air

December 15, 2013
  Yesterday, we drove old Route 66 up through Hackberry, Valentine, Crozier Springs and up on the plateau where Truxton and Music Mountains sit. I believe Gene Autry's "The Man From Music Mountain" was based on this landmark? Gay? Anyway, when I was flying home from Burbank after Thanksgiving I took this photo out the window of the area we covered yesterday:

Route 66, Hackberry and Music Mountains from the air

   Old Route 66 swings through that curve at bottom, center, then angles up and eastward thru Valentine, Crozier Springs and up on the plateau, upper middle right, where Truxton sits. To the left of that bald spot you can make out the horizontal stripes of Music Mountains, then behind it you see how close the Grand Canyon dips southward before arcing northward towards Lake Mead. At the extreme bottom is Round Valley.

"I'll bet this looks funny from the air."
—A family joke whenever we turn around and then change our minds and turn again