Monday, December 23, 2013

Heading South

December 23, 2013
  We're on the road in Southern Arizona. Stopped in Tucson for huevos rancheros at Mi Nidito on South Fourth Avenue:

That's our son Thomas Charles on the left. And here is a closeup on those rancheros:

Homemade beans, homemade flour tortillas, great sauce, kitschy surroundings (President Bill Clinton ate at the booth opposite us and they have a star where he sat). We took the back way to Nogales, stopping at Amado for a photo op:

T. Charles and BBB in front of the Longhorn at Amado, Arizona.

Took the back way to Arivaca (over the cow?) and then down a forest service road to Nogales where we encountered a border patrolman arresting an illegal. That was weird. One agent and one illegal crosser. Lights on, in a wash, in the middle of nowhere. Bizarre to say the least.

Got to Nogales at about 3:30 and crossed the border for more Mexican food. Details to come.

"In Mexico if it doesn't kill you, it makes you fat."
—Flaco Corrillo, our cab driver