Friday, December 06, 2013

Franklin: The End of The Line

December 6, 2013

   I have been using a Franklin Daytimer since 1994—almost 20 years. This morning Kathy asked me if I wanted a refill for 2014 and I had to admit I rarely use it anymore because my iPhone has all the information I need. It even reminds me that I have a speech tomorrow, the time, and a map. How can you compete with that? Poor guys—Franklin—I feel for them.

My big Ol' Monarch Franklin Daytimer about to be retired.

   Interestingly, my daughter Deena still uses hers and says she likes having everything she needs spread out in front of her at meetings.

   And speaking of loss, we just lost 55 stores in the Chicago area that used to carry True West. I assume it was a chain that went under. Our distributor wants to know where they should destroy the 300 issues that normally go to them. I said, "Destroy them? Hell no! I'll drive to Chicago to get them if I have to," and they said, no, I can't come get them out of the chain of distribution. And I said, "Remind me why I got into this business?"

   Went home for lunch and whipped out a little study of Jack Kerouac:

Daily Whipout, "Jack Kerouac Attack"

   Yes, he shows up on my desk in the first photo. And he shows up on a postcard from The Top Secret Writer (also showing in the photo) which is where I got the image. On the back it says,

   "Congratulations on the new book project! I know it will be a fabulous trip."
—Your Pal Paul

   Yes, quite fortuitous because "On The Road" was a good part of the inspiration to do "The 66 Kid." Gee, I wonder if Jack has any advice on how to do the book?

"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular culture."
—Jack Kerouac