Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kingman In The Rear View Mirror

December 26, 2013
  Back from the road trip to find the best Mexican food on the planet. We really lucked out in Nogales, Sonora and hooked up with a cab driver named Flaco Carrillo (Flaco is Spanish for skinny) who took us on a grand tour of the city, including a big house in the posh part of town where narco trafficers shot it out with the police. Flaco gave us a running commentary of the fight (quite a few cartel guys were killed and then when the wounded were being transported to the airport, they hit a speed bump killing the wounded and two more policemen). Photos tomorrow.

   Got up this morning and whipped out a little study for our book:

Daily Whipout, "Leaving Kingman for The Last Time"

"Must write and accuse you of making a very respectable 64-year-old lady 'steal' today."
—Excerpt from a letter we will be running in the next issue of True West