Monday, September 29, 2014

201 Zany Zonies

September 29, 2014
   The director of the Tempe branch of The Arizona Historical Society, John Langallier, is producing a retrospective art show featuring 34 of my most demented cartoons. The name of the show will be "201 Zany Zonies: from Geronimo to Goldwater." For the G-Man we're using the original I did of him with his boom box. Here it is in context (as it ran in the book Low Blows):

The G-Man Breaks It Down

   And, although I was aiming for a PG rating on "The 66 Kid," and didn't use this in the book, here is a cartoon that sums up where me and all my Boomer brothers and sisters came from:

  Also in the show will be one of my favorite Jesus cartoons:

This cartoon took on the fact that the Hopi tribe complained about all the business using one of their sacred religious objects, The Kachina, in their businesses. I mentioned that the Yellow Pages listed over 50 Valley businesses with Kachina in the title. So I wondered how the dominant culture would react if the shoe was on the other foot? And, by the way, I was taking on the Yellow Pages here which is kind of amazing to realize it's gone, but not forgotten.

   I also get to feature some of my favorite models. Recognize the guy in the chair, below?

Ed Mell Learns How to Deal With His Wife's Hairdresser Issues

   And last but not least is Ghandi in Arizona:

   The show will go up in November.

"Artists are a tribe of borrowers."
—David Gessner "