Tuesday, September 02, 2014

A Wary Wyatt And A Sexy Sadie

September 2, 2014
   Filled another trash container with studio rejects. I think this makes 13, so far. Found a couple Billy mono prints.

Billy Monoprint (1/1)

   Found another one:

"Geronimo's Last Laugh" monoprint (1/1)

   I have many times attempted to capture the wariness of a certain frontier marshal. Whipped this out before I came into work today. I call this "A Wary Wyatt."

Daily Whipout: "A Wary Wyatt"

   Josephine Marcus Earp rejected a photo of Wyatt in shirtsleeves for usage in the book "Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal" because she claimed it made him look like a "tough." She also rejected the original title: "Wyatt Earp: Gunfighter." She was a handful, as they used to say, and because we only have photographs of her as an old bitty, it's hard to imagine her in her prime, although, in my mind, this is how she looked:

Sadie Behan

"I don't want to use that story; it makes me look like a bad person."
—Josephine Marcus Earp, deflecting Mabel and Vinnolia's attempts to get at the truth