Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Irish Spring vs. The Wham Payroll Robbery

September 10, 2014
   Just carted out the 14th trash container full of bad art for garbage pickup. Salvaged a couple of things, including this iffy scratchboard on the Wham Payroll Robbery:

Daily Whipout: "Wham Payroll Robbery, The Opening Salvo"

   The robbers rolled a big boulder in the middle of the road and when several buffalo soldiers got out to remove it, several of the robbers in "Fort Number 1" stepped out and, one of them clothed in buckskin, yelled, "Look out, you black sons of bitches!" The ball opened and several black troopers were wounded, but the withering fire from the surrounding heights drove them away and the payroll was lost. Even though it soon became very clear who led the robbery—one Gilbert Webb—he and his fellow Mormon robbers skated free.

   I also found another scratchboard of a Steins Pass train robber, Tom Ketchum, lit up by the headlamp of a disengaged locomotive:

Daily Whipout: "Tom Ketchum Train Robber"

   I also found this scratchboard of an Arizona cowgirl and tweaked it a bit:

Daily Whipout: 'Arizona Cowgirl"

   My daughter Deena posed for this back in the eighties. She is riding one of Christa Barro's horses.

   Eric from 24-Hour-Car-Care told me a pack rat ate through my engine wiring and he fixed the wiring but he informed me the rat is still hiding somewhere in my engine well. I immediately went up to Ace Hardware and bought two traps, but my neighbor, Tom Augherton, came up the hill and told me those traps are useless and the pack rats in this area will eat the poison and keep going (his dad has had two rats eat his car engine wiring). Tom recommends electrocution traps and as a stop gap he brought up a bar of Irish Spring soap:

A useless trap and a bar of Irish Spring soap garnish my Ford Flex engine this morning.

   Tom claims Irish Spring soap repels pack rats and Englishman. "They can't stand the smell," the Irish neighbor told me.

   Meanwhile, had another spectacular sunrise of Ratcliff Ridge this morning:

Ratcliff Ridge No. 909

"Just talk. Don't let them see that you're working."
—Billy Cosby's advice to Billy Crystal