Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seven Sisters Sunset & Outlaw Christmas

September 16, 2014
   Big, dramatic skies last night. This is a view to the west of the Triple B Ranch:

Seven Sisters Sunset

   Took a first pass at the Outlaw Holiday Gift Guide this morning:

Daily Whipout: "Outlaw Holiday Gift Guide"

   Our art director, Dan Harshberger, nixed it, saying it needs more riders, like in the sketches (see previous post) and holding up the wrapped gift seems kind of "wimpy" and not very outlaw. What could the outlaw be holding above his head as a "gift" from a recent "job"? Hmmmm.  Going home for lunch to give it another pass.

"A good story is always you doing something bad. That's why nice people are boring. They're nice, but their stories suck."
—Bill Burr