Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Snow Riders & Motorcycle Dismounting No Nos

September 17, 2014
   Got up this morning and whipped out a little study of a snow rider heading back to the ranch:
Daily Whipout: "Snow Rider Study, No. 2"

   I also got crazy with the paint and whipped out this little noodler:

Daily Whipout: "Bloody Running Horse"

   Also found the originals for one of my first New Times cartoon spreads about the four ways to NOT get off a motorcycle:

Four Ways to NOT dismount from a motorcycle, including the Wheelie Dismount, the Endo, The High Side and the Sweeper. I've done all except one (The Endo).

"In the perennial battle between maintaining dignity and playing out the joke, the joke always wins."
—Megan Daum on Lena Dunham ("Girls")