Monday, September 08, 2014

The Most Beautiful Woman In Old Sonora

September 8, 2014
   Check out the book review on "The 66 Kid" just posted this morning.

Route 66 News

   Working on throwing away more stuff. I have trash can number 14 almost filled to the brim. Did save this one:

Daily Whipout: "Trading Post Panorama, part II

   And here's part one:

    I also found this in my discard file and tweaked it a bit:

Daily Whipout, "Alena Aldana, The Most Beautiful Woman In Old Sonora"

   Her voice was pure passion, her breasts floated on air and her gaze was total basilisk (a legendary reptile with fatal breath and glance). And yet, she had a sadness behind her eyes, because, as she tells it, "What do you do when you can choose any man and you choose badly and for the wrong reasons. The more handsome a man is, the more temptation he has to stray. Heaven help the woman who gets saddled with such a cad, like I did. He has sex here and there as he likes, he disrespects me in front of everyone. I don't expect you to feel for me, but being born beautiful is like being born rich, but then at about age 26, every day you wake up you are poorer, until you are a parody of yourself. You fight it and pretend you are not growing old, but in the end you just look foolish."

   Yes, Alena was a little bitter, but she did speak the truth about that time and place.

"We all look good until we don't look good anymore."
—Cole Younger