Monday, September 22, 2014

The PG Rated Version of An X-Rated Life

September 22, 2014
   Got a dose of the touristas on Sunday morning. Stayed close to the bedroom most of the morning. Did try and whip out the painting, but didn't get far.

   Meanwhile, did a phoner last week with an intern at Arizona Highways. That led to this:

The PG Version of an X-Rated Life

   You'll notice I say a "GP version" of an X-rated life in the interview, but that is only because I am a tib dyslexic.

   Got up this morning at six and got out on the road by 6:15, just in time to catch this:

Morning Glory On Ratcliff Ridge

   Actually, that is morning glory on the ridge and morning glories at the bottom, so, dueling morning glories?

   Came back and bailed into the finish on the gift guide doubletruck. Had to stop at 9:15 for a radio interview on Trucker Radio. Finished the painting at 9:50 and headed in to the office.

Daily Whipout: "Home Safe"

   What happens when Black Jack and his outlaw pards head home for Christmas dragging a through safe? Well, for one thing, expect unique gifts when your in-law outlaws show up.

   At least, I always did, growing up.

   If you'll remember, I had started those five skies last week and by yesterday afternoon I had five different version of the outlaws heading home, in various stages of development, like this one:

Daily Whipout: "Heading Home (in progress)"

   Of course, I had lots of reference spread out for these paintings:

Piles and piles of art reference for holiday gift guide painting

"Paradise is never really paradise, idylls never truly idylls."
—David Gessner