Thursday, September 18, 2014

Robin Williams Reverse Engineering?

September 18, 2014
   Big clouds yesterday but no rain to speak of at our house. We did get part of a rainbow:

Ratcliff Ridge Rainbow, 6 pm, September 17, 2014

   Heading out for lunch today with this little guy:

Weston Loves Wheels (Gee, I wonder where he got that?)

   His mama and daddy are in town for a wedding and we're meeting at The Conky Donk (slang for one of our fave Mexican food joints).

   Got up this morning and tried to whip out the splash page painting of outlaws heading home for the holidays, but ran out of steam and time:

Daily Failure: Outlaws Heading Home for The Holidays Crash & Burn

   Is it just me or do too many of the Robin Williams photos now look depressingly prophetic?

Calendar item for Robin Williams in the Arizona Republic, November 21, 2008

   Even when he looks happy there is a sadness in there:

Robin Williams holds up the Rolling Stone logo,

   Is this reverse engineering? Or was the underbelly of Robin's manic self apparent from the git go? Don't know, but it's too sad. He was gonzo manic, but nobody thought to put the rest of the phrase together—manic-depressive.

"Part of art is knowing when not to put paint on."
—Andre Benjamin