Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mas Redux

September 25, 2014
   Still trying to file my Mickey Free artwork and again today, I had to stop and tweak finished art! Crazy. Here's one that has seen a couple of different tweaks over the last five years:

"Mickey's Crazy Jack Mule—Tu Redux"

"Remington's First Sale Redux"

   In our story, fresh from Arizona, Remington comes back to New York and tries to sell Harper's Weekly one of his sketches of Powhatan Clarke, but instead, the editor chooses a sketch of Mickey Free dumping the head of Pedro on the desk of Captain Pierce (in real life Mickey dumped the head of Pedro at the feet of one Captain Randall). Our editor says, "Do you want the cover or not, Remington?" The "heads will roll" illustration runs in the August, 1888 issue of Harper's and because of the uproar it causes almost all of Frederic's friends at San Carlos lose their jobs over it.

"Mickey Rides Into Mexico Redux"

"The Deluge Redux"

   Everywhere Mickey went a storm seemed to follow him. When he got back from Mexico with a bag on his pommel, it was no exception.

"Bullis Unloads On Mickey Redux"

   Captain Bullis had no love for Mickey, telling the one-eyed scout (note the reflection of Mickey, on mule, in the window), "We don't want nor need your services I want you off the reservation." Mickey just smiled and rode off, but not before dumping the bloody sack he was carrying across his pommel of his Mexican saddle. Mickey also tossed the captain Sheriff Reynold's watch, which made the soldier blanch. The hunt for the Apache Kid was over.

"You may not be interested i war, but war is interested in you."
—Leon Trotsky