Thursday, September 25, 2014

When Wyoming Lands In Michigan

September 25, 2014
   I am always fascinated by how readers find True West and today I got an earful. I was in a Design Review meeting with Dan Harshberger, Rebecca Edwards and Robert Ray when Carole Glenn came back to tell me there was a new subscriber up front and he wanted to meet me.

Jim Swanson and BBB, in our war room, 10:10 a.m.

   Turns out his name is Ji, Swanson of Wyoming, Michigan (yes, the town he's from is Wyoming). He is 64 and he had never heard of True West magazine before. Two days ago he was on the Apache Trail and he and his wife stopped at Tortilla Flats and inside he saw two issues of True West magazine (June and July) and he bought both, reading them cover to cover. He told his wife he loved this magazine and he wanted to get more.

   This morning they were driving up through Cave Creek, "just exploring," he told me. As they drove by 6702 E. Cave Creek Rd., he did a double take and said, "That's the name of my new favorite magazine. I wonder if that's where they do it?" His wife told him no, it was just a similar name and why would they be out here in this small berg in the middle of the desert? Much to his wife's irritation, he turned around and came in. Upon hearing the Cliff Notes version of the above story, I brought him into the meeting so our staff could see what one of our newest readers looks like.

   Ron bought a three year subscription and he warned us as he went out the door, "Expect more subscriptions from Wyoming, Michigan!"

   We will.