Friday, January 29, 2016

Billy Logas Postcard Blasts Doors Off Kingman Visitors Center

January 29, 2016
   Diane Silverman of the Kingman Visitor Center just dropped by to tell me that one of the five new postcards created by Dan "The Man" Harshberger is outselling all the other postcards. She thinks it's the colors.

Kingman postcard: "Billy Logas king of the Quarter Mile"

   Nice to see that Billy Logas is getting the exposure.

"The 413 is really diggin' in. . .tack it up, tack it up, buddy gonna shut you down."
—The Beach Boys, Shutdown, Vol. II

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  1. I just stumbled in here and was hit with a load of Billy Logas memories, and a few Harshberger ones, too. Bill loved to go fast, but he never talked about what was under the hood of that Dodge until the racing was done


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