Saturday, January 16, 2016

The book you have to read or you can't live in Arizona, I'm sorry

January 16, 2016
   Martha Summerhayes recorded her Arizona adventures in a classic book, “Vanished Arizona,” which came out in 1908. In it she describes, as only an astute woman can, all the hardships of traveling to, and across, Arizona in the year 1874. Several hundred miles by steam, then overland from Fort Mojave to Fort Apache (her husband walked!). It’s a breathtaking read. If I was king of Arizona (full disclosure: I’m considering a run) I would make it a law that anyone who lives here has to read this book. It’s that good. Now go get your copy at Guidon Books in Scottsdale.

"Read this book, or leave."
—The King of Arizona

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