Thursday, January 21, 2016

The View From Buckey O'Neill's Front Porch

January 21, 2016
   A good friend of mine, John Langellier turned 65 yesterday and he wanted to celebrate his birthday at Buckey O'Neill's cabin on the South Rim of The Grand Canyon. We got there about four yesterday afternoon and were not disappointed by the view out the front window:

Buckey O'Neill's cabin, at right, is allegedly the oldest building on the rim.

Here is the view from the front room:

The Million Dollar View Out The Front Window

When we got there and I opened the front door, a woman was reading the historical plaque at left and I said to her, "Do you think I should complain about our view here? I wanted to be closer to the rim." She thought I was serious and told me, "No, you shouldn't complain." So, I kept up my ruse and said, "I'm sorry, but I'm really upset. We were supposed to have a view, and this—sweeping my hand at the expanse—is all we get?" She was very sweet and tried to convince me I shouldn't complain. I finally just laughed and said, "I'm being ridiculous, you know?" She didn't know, and fled the area. Had dinner in the historic El Tovar dining room and I treated John to a birthday taco dessert:

The John Langellier Birthday Chocolate Taco

Had some fun,  drank some good wine and solved some life. 

BBB On The Wall In Front of Buckey's Cabin at Sunrise This morning.

   I am standing on the wall in front of Buckey's cabin and it is a mile-long drop to my left, but—full confession—I am wearing $100 French running shoes, which I cropped out so I wouldn't look like the French Pussay Cowboy I really am.

"The Spanish bullet hasn't been made that will hit me from this. . .,"
—Buckey O'Neill's alleged last words at the foot of San Juan Hill in Cuba, but according to John, he never said this.

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