Saturday, January 30, 2016

Buckeye Days Rodeo Parade

January 30, 2016
   Got up at five this morning and my neighbor Tom Augherton drove me out to Buckeye for the Buckeye Days Rodeo Parade. Checked in at eight, then had breakfast at the Sheep Camp Cafe. Tried the huevos rancheros, over easy with a flour tortilla. Went over to the staging area and met these guys milling about:

Showdown at The Western Motel

Love the shadows. Yes, I'm shooting right into the early morning sun. A no-no with my old cameras but my iPhone says, "Yeah, we can capture that." Here's a close-up on Lee Anderson on Concho in front of the Western Motel sign:

Lee Anderson Under the Sun and The Sign.

Parade went quick. It's a straight shot right down main street.

"Join us now for an appointment with destiny."
—Old TV show sign on

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