Sunday, February 21, 2016

Day of The Dead Heads Dancin' Up A Storm In The Renaissance Days of Yore!

February 21, 2016
   For several years now, my partner, Ken Amorosano has been telling me of the genius behind the Renaissance Festival and that we could learn a thing or two by going out to witness it. So, today, we did just that. It's an hour run out to the desert location halfway to Florence. Saw more than a few cute fairies

Saw an impressive cookout done right:

   So much is the right presentation and this is pretty spectacular. Our history chuck wagons could learn a thing or two from this. Of course, the reason Ken is so high on this phenom is that many of the Renaissance themes are interchangeable with Old West themes, like wenches and dance hall girls, jousting and gunfights, turkey legs and chuck wagon stew, mandolins and guitars. Still, there are things we could learn from them, for example the theatrics at the Renassance Festival are excellent. They seem to hire good actors. And, of course you have plenty damsels in distress.

In this case, damsels in distress being rescued by other damsels. The biggest difference to my eye is the Renaissance Festival has actual young people, both performing and in attendance, something we are lacking. Saw these kids pulling carts full of other kids dressed to the nines and the guy pulling (the guy at right) actually said, "This is the best job I've ever had!"

   Oh, and day of the dead heads dancin' up a storm. This is something we in the west need to embrace:

 I was impressed.

"Hurry it up. I'm due in Hell for dinner"
—Black Jack Ketchum to the hangman

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