Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mickey Free On The March

February 28, 2916

His marching orders were simple and direct: bring back the head of the Apache Kid. As Mickey Free rode south from San Carlos he couldn't help but notice the storm clouds rolling in.

Daily Whip Out: "Mickey Free On The March"

  I did a history talk yesterday out at Winter Range. Had fun. Good crowd. Almost all those SASS shooters are history nuts and that makes it fun. Told the story of Adobe Walls and the questionable shot by Billy Dixon and when my talk was over this crusty, Sharps rifle shooter came up to me and claimed he could match that shot easily, that he and his Virginia City pards do it all the time. I took his card. I am thinking Ken A. and I need to film a documentary on Dixon's alleged 1,538 yard shot and re-stage it, on the actual spot and see if it can be done. Tell the story of Adobe Walls (both battles) and then document the shot. I think that would make for a rousing documentary, don't you?

   Another guy came up to me (actually the MC) and said he follows me on Facebook and wanted to know, "Who the hell is this Mickey Free guy you're always posting on?" Well, funny you should ask. My good friend Paul Hutton has a brand spanking new book that answers this very question:

   Paul and I have been working on this story since 2004, with me taking the graphic novel approach and he taking the New York publishing route. The Top Secret Writer (not-so-secret-anymore) has spent over two years writing this massive opus and now that it is being published (it's a May release) we are both returning to the graphic novel/screenplay angle, prepping it for a possible movie.

   And, as for the question, who is Mickey Free? one guy summed him up in a simple sentence:

"Mickey Free is half Irish, half Mexican and all son of a bitch."
—Al Sieber, Chief of Scouts

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  1. C-Bar Studios would love to make the doc with you.


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