Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Happiness Is Hanging With Historians

November 15, 2016
   Spent most of the day yesterday with Paul Andrew Hutton. He came over from New Mexico for my induction ceremony at AMEHOF on Sunday evening.

    On Monday, we got to do what historians everywhere like to do—hang out with other historians. In this case the legendary Robert Utely. He's working on a new book, but he swore us to secrecy.

Hutton, Utley and BBB at his home in Scottsdale

   After a wild weekend at the Hall, I got back to work this morning on a project near and dear to my heart:

Daily Whip Out: "James Young Unsung Arizona Trailblazer

"Happy is that man who has found his work."
—Elbert Green Hubbard

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