Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Late Light On Sugarloaf

November 16, 2016
   I was driving home from work last night and as I turned the corner at Cahava Ranch I spied this wonderful late light on the mountains to the north of Cave Creek.

Late Light On Sugarloaf

I also love the nubbin on the saguaro, at left.

Finally, this morning I think I got a solid take on James Young for his headstone in Tucson:

Daily Whip Out: "James Young Arizona Trailblazer, final"

   I wanted to pay tribute to Jim's trailblazing attributes and perhaps I leaned him too far into the cowboy mode, but he, in fact, rode for "Texas John" Slaughter so I don't think the portrayal is out of bounds. Cool guy. And I want him to have a cool headstone.

"Here lies Lester Moore, four slugs from a forty-four, no less, no more."
—Infamous—and probably fake epitaph—at Boothill graveyard in Tombstone

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