Tuesday, February 07, 2017

He Searched Among the Rocks for The Body He Hoped He Wouldn't Find

February 7, 2017
   Working on a variety of things. Last weekend, I finally got to see "Manchester By The Sea," and I wasn't disappointed. I absolutely think Casey Afflect is one of our finest actors and it makes me want to revisit his stunning, dead-on portrayal of Robert Fort in the Brad Pitt Western, "The Assasination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford." Anybody who can make us feel sorry for that back shooter is doing something amazing.

   Meanwhile, went home for lunch today and finished a little study.

Daily Whip Out: "He Searched Among the Rocks Looking
for The Body He Hoped He Wouldn't Find"

  Yes, I poached that head-down cowboy from a certain movie poster.

Chris Casey's: "Vaquero In Sunset"

BBB's Obit Bits: One Sentence at A Time
   All my life I have tried to uncover the truth about the real Old West. I just want to know the truth, warts and all. I admit, I was offended by some of the hero worshipping but I also hated the opposite: the revisionist takedown. If I had my life to do over I would do everything exactly the same except I wouldn't go see "Dirty Little Billy."  In the end, I was disappointed to discover, most people don't want to know the truth. But I did.

"History is defined by people who don't really understand what they are defining."
—Chuck Klosterman

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  1. My wife went to see Manchester and said we needed to see Assassination again. Of course I was happy to agree, and we popped in the blu ray over the weekend. It's long but doesn't feel long. Casey is amazing, and it's always good to see folks like Ted Levine and Sam Shepard.


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