Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mules at Sunrise

February 16, 2017
   Had a photo shoot this morning at Ken Amorosano's ranchito off Fleming Springs.

BBB On Zelda

   Lee Anderson and his wife Margarite came out with their sweet mule, Zelda, at seven, and we rode out to the canyon to the north of Ken's house and waited for the light. We weren't disappointed.

BBB On Zelda

   Ken took the above shots. Lee also brought along his trusty steed Concho and I took some reference shots of him as well:

Lee Anderson On Concho Cutting for Sign

Ken also grabbed this shot of me in the arena at the end of the shoot.

BBB In The Arena

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—Ricky Gervais


  1. A beautiful blue-sky day spent with human and animal friends - lucky you. Great photos!

  2. Awesome photos! Love seeing you on Zelda.


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