Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Ken And Boze Show: A Mammoth Jack In Moonlight

February 23, 2017
   There's an old saw in business that if two guys agree on everything, one of them is unnecessary. Well, here's two guys who agree on quite a few things, but fight like cats and dogs over many other things (like those covers on the wall behind us, for instance). 

    The Ken and Boze Show: Duking It Out Daily

   It does get hairy from time to time, but we are still showing up every day and publishing 12 issues a year, so we should get points for that. Actually, we're still laughing, so take that for what it's worth. Also, the guy who took this photo is our T-shirt guru, Roger Peterson who was sitting across the table from us in the conference room:

Roger Peterson showing us his new line of shirts

   See those photos over his left shoulder? Those are Facebook stats on images that have gone through the roof. We study those numbers and try to determine if the clicks there are trying to tell us something. Meanwhile, Roger has been on me for at least a year to finish a T-shirt Design on Wild Bill. He thinks this is a T-shirt design waiting to happen:

Daily Whip Out: "Wild Bill Hickok, The First Gunfighter"

   Home stretch on mule coverage. Going to be mammoth. A couple new revelations, the first by Raymond Isenberg, who comments, "Have you ever wondered why you never see mules come out of bucking chutes at rodeos? That's because a mule will often come out, not bucking. He may go down the side and look things over before doing anything. They are too smart to just start bucking mindlessly like horses do."

Daily Whip Out: "A Mammoth Jack In The Moonlight"

   "I was talking to the dog. There ain't a man livin' who hasn't talked to his dog."
—Hank Williams, on writing his 1947 classic, "Move It On Over"

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