Saturday, February 25, 2017

I'm Old Enough to Know Better

February 25, 2017
   One of my favorite things about being in the history biz is getting to see new research and new finds almost on a daily basis. Got this photograph today from Chuck Usmar who is a crackerjack researcher and writer on the subject of a certain group of Irish Boys in Lincoln County:

Triple B Baseball Coach?

Dolan's Nine

"I uncovered this photo in my research on Murphy and Dolan. In my opinion the coach sure looks like you—the hat, the duds, the mustache, the face, same wry smile. Thought I'd share it with you.  BTW, Dolan was said to have been a sponsor of the team."
—Chuck Usmar

   Yes, I do see the resemblence. Meanwhile, got a couple more juicy tidbits from my mule afficionados:

Castrated Jacks And Gelding Horses
   "Male mules, jacks, were nearly always gelded due to the fact that they usually behaved worse than stallions. They were extremely hard to control and usually considered dangerous and unreliable."
—Lee Anderson

New Mexican Mucho Macho Mulos
   "In our region of NM they refer to a Mule as a Macho.  Ironically Macho means male or strong male characteristics but we also know that a male mule (un macho) is sterile. hmmmm how can that be?  ha ha

   "Then mula can mean money in slang terminology and it is also a type of shoe worn by el Papa (the Pope).  And Mula of course refers to a female mule while Mulo or Macho is the counterpart."
—Lynda Sanchez, Lincoln, New Mexico

"I'm not young enough to know everything."
—Sir James Matthew Barrie

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