Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Negotiating German Water Closets

July 27, 2017
   It is well known that Germans like their beer. Had to laugh when I saw this in a Wiesbaden cafe.

Oldtime Beer Buds: "I'm not sure why, but this beer lights up my nether region."

Full disclosure: I'm not sure why that little flash is there in his crotch, but I didn't plan it.

Negotiating German Water Closets 

   The Germans like to put their bathrooms in dark basements with cryptic symbols over the doors: H and D. I took a guess that D stood for dame and went into the room with the H. I was greatly relieved to see this graphic, which I assume is a royal gentleman who monitors my aim? Either way, I was relieved.

You Vill Choose And You Vill Not Miss.

"My aim is true."
—Elvis Costello

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