Monday, July 02, 2018

Your Mother Is The Mother of All Mexican Swearing

July 2, 2018
   Mexico has a new president. Good luck. Symbolism is where you find it:

Daily Scratchboard Whip Outs:
"Muy Mexicana Panorama"

   Random captions on my disparate scratchboard studies: Mexicali, on the Mexican side of the border, has a whole bunch of Chinese restaurants and everything on the menus is in Spanish. The Chinese who run these five restaurants in a row supposedly were escaping the Chinese Exclusion Act and fled across the border to set up shop; In the days of Zapata, muchos hombres wore crossed bandoliers as a matter of daily dress; The Supremo Latina Mamacita—J-Lo—shows some cleavage; the Tarahumara runners are unbeatable if you give them a beer; the Virgin de Maria-Millennial is a bit of a whiner; and, finally, the law is far, but the fist is near.

   Note to self: no matter how disparate the imagery when you randomly line up the scratchboards, it all starts to take on a story of its own.

Daily Scratchboard Whip Out:
"The Mother of All Mexican Swearing"

    If you've ever spent time in Mexico, you probably know this about Mexican swearing: denigrating your Mother is the ultimate insult.

Your Mother Is The Mother of All Mexican Swearing


"Hey Pendejo, your Mother Is A Puta"

Many oaths have a mother attached, and, not just any mother, but, ideally, your Mother:

• "Me cago en tu pata madre!"  (I poop on your bitch of a mother.)

   There are others but they are too profane for this forum.

The Wild, Wild El Norte

   We tend to think of the Wild West ending about the turn of the Twentieth Century, but the lawlessness below the border has really never abated.

Daily Whip Out: "A Vaquero Looks Back"

"It's always been dangerous, it's always been an anarchy, but now nearly all the decent people have been killed or run out and all the bad guys have automatic weapons, at least in the part of the Sierra that I know. It's become the kind of anarchy that gives anarchy a bad name."
—R.P.S. Brown, as quoted in "God's Middle Finger," by Richard Grant


  1. Always great artwork....(and sentiment.)

  2. "...the law is far, but the fist is near." Beautiful.


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