Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Corporal Buffalo & Mutual Climax

September 19, 2018
   Did this little study over the weekend, utilizing a still I took of Woody Strode from "Sergeant Rutledge":

Daily Whip Out: "Corporal Buffalo"

Speaking of Retiring:
   I hired Allen Fossenkemper back in 1999 to be our Marketing Director at True West. At the time I was still on the radio and Allen set up a True West-KXAM Radio tour of southern Arizona. We did shows in Tucson, Sierra Vista (in a grocery story), Tombstone (in the Birdcage) and Bisbee (in a hotel) where we did live shows in all of those bergs. It was fun. Allen went on to create a barbershop quartet called "The OK Chorale," and they were quite good, and funny, in a historically accurate way.

The True West Crew at Clantonville, 2000

   That's Allen, kneeling at left, in front of the True West Headquarters sign.

   Today I got this from Allen:

   So I asked Yodel'n Al why he retired and I got this:

 "I started the OKC when I was still at TW in 1999.  I thought it would be fun to have a Barbershop Quartet dressed like and singing cowboy songs.  For the last ten years we have been a trio with instruments, sound system, agent, CD and 250 shows.  If we are performing in Sun City at a certain time we have to load up, drive, set up, sound check, and clear the stage by the appointed hour, then cocktails followed by dinner.  We finish singing at about eight, sell CDs and chat till 9.  Take down equipment, pack up, load up, drive 50 miles home, unload to storage and in bed by 11.  10 or 11 hours for $800 max. 

"Over the years we raised about $75,000 dollars for the Fountain Hills High School Band Instrument fund.  Mission accomplished.  

"I turn 75 in October.  Time to spend more time painting."

   And then, I got this:

   Last month on Dr. Phil his theme was "Geriatric Sex."   He had this 80-year-old couple who had been married over 65 years. One of the questions he asked them was "Do you have mutual climax?"  The husband thought for a minute and said.
"No we have All State!" 

"We must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country."
—Abraham Lincoln, 1862

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