Tuesday, September 04, 2018

The Genesis of "The Mexicali Stud"

September 4, 2019
   Slipping into darkness, riding down the hall. Still taking notes from John Reed's "Insurgent Mexico." 

"Bow-legged Vaquero"

In the foreword, Renato Leduc, writes about Reed being a "great muralist, he is also a magnificent, incisive portrait artist. There, to prove it. . .the masterly profile he makes in three lines of Pablo Seanez's mistress:

The Mistress of The March
"And so I got inside the coach, with Rafaelito, Pablo Seanes, and his mistress. She was a strange creature. Young, slender, and beautiful, she was poison and a stone to everybody but Pablo. I never saw her smile and never heard he say a gentle word. Sometimes she treated us with dull ferocity; sometimes with bestial indifference. But Pablo she cradled like a baby. When he lay across the seat with his head in her lap, she would hug it fiercely to her breast, making noises like a tigress with her young."

"Mistress of The March"
also known as
"My Eyes Are Up Here #2"

   "The mountains had withdrawn somewhere beyond the horizon, and we rode in the midst of a great bowl of desert, rolling up the edges to meet the furnace-blue of the Mexican sky."

"Juan Sanchez"
also known as
"Rider of the Purple Sage"

   "Is there war in the United States now?" [Juan Sanchez] asked.

   "No," I said untruthfully.

   "No war at all?" He meditated or a moment. "How do you pass the time, then. . .?"

"Stud Storm"

   "And, of course, jealousy is a stabbing matter."
—John Reed, "Insurgent Mexico"


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