Saturday, September 08, 2018

The Return of Bisti Badman

September 8, 2018
   Here's an original character of mine that's ripe for our times. 

   In 1904 a Navajo boy graduates from a boarding school in the east where he has been taught the white man's ways. But before he is allowed to go home, he is paraded around Washington as a fine example of the U.S. government's ability to tame the savage beast and turn him into a solid citizen.

   The young grad returns home to the reservation to find poverty and degradation. He vows to fight it and change people's minds. He is unsuccessful. In fact he is accused of a crime he did not commit and, on the run, in the Bisti Badlands, he escapes the authorities by fooling the people who robbed him of his culture. He is hard to catch because, well, he learned the white man's ways and he's very, very smart.

"Bisti Badman"

"Do the work and the luck will come."
—Wild Bill Wellman

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