Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Son of A Witch

September 26, 2018
   In Mexico a witch is called a Bruja. This brings us to an intriguing and mysterious story that took place deep down in Baja many moons ago.

His mother was a witch

Ojos de Gringo's cousin gives us the skinny

"His mother is Indio. She is also a bruja."

Bruja Mamacita

 "His father was a missionary from the States."

The blue-eyed priest

   "He didn't stand a chance. Her power over him was too strong. There was a scandal in the church and he was sent home. In the spring Bruja had a baby boy with blue eyes."

Ojos de Gringo grew up a lonely boy

"The boy grew up without a father and was seen in our village as an outsider. The Mexicans don't trust him cuz he's a half-breed and he's got the Yankee eyes. The Gringos don't trust him cuz he looks too Mexican. We trust him a little, cuz he's my cousin."

    "He grew up to be a first rate vaquero and horse trainer. He has the magic hands. He got that from his mamacita. She was a healer."

The Vaquero With The Magic Hands

"He had good ideas about horsemanship:'You do not break a horse, you make one.'"

"Of course, there were many who hated the blue-eyed boy and they would have nothing to do with him."

"Mexicali Maniacs"

   "But the blue-eyed boy rode on."

 Ojos Under The Brim

   "In the Baja there was evil on the land and it came in many shapes."

"The Cockfighter"

"There was an oprhan girl who lived near Tecate. Some say he went there often to see her."

      "Then one day they disappeared. No one knows where they went, or what happened to them. Quien sabe."

"The blame is on Satan's horns."

—Old Vaquero Saying


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