Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Lucky Me Plus Donkey Madness

January 2, 2019
   Sometimes I do stuff that just names itself.

Daily Whip Out: "Lucky"

Daily Whip Out:
"Mickey Blasts Through The Smoke On His Mammoth Jack"

   And this one is the craziest. Two separate sketches melded into one, because I let it go where it wanted to go.

           Daily Whip Out: "Donkey Madness"

   This is not to say that people are asses, or that donkey's are insane. Frankly, we're all pretty goofy when you break it down.

"Your life is not going to be easy, and it should not be easy. It ought to be hard. It ought to be radical; it ought to be restless; it ought to lead you to places you'd rather not go."
—Henri Nouwen

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