Tuesday, January 01, 2019

The Crow's Nest Cowboy and A Dedera Blizzard

January 1, 2019
   New Year's Eve started out chilly with snow flurries in the air. Climbed up on the roof of the studio but it was too nippy. The crow's nest cowboy agreed.

Crow's Nest Cowboy

   Nippy turned to snow flurries around four in the afternoon.

Snow Dusting On Sugarloaf

  Most of Arizona got snow. Here is a cool photo (literally) by my MCUHS classmate Ray Short, up Kingman way.

Snow Storm Over The Peacocks by Ray Short

And here's how it looked down Bisbee way:

Bisbee In Snow, posted by Maria M. Kovary

   So me and a certain budding artist spent a bunch of time keeping fires going in the house fireplace and in my studio stove.

Fire Starter

   Don't ask me how, but the kid still found time to build a sky scraper in the living room.

Lego Master Builder

   Meanwhile, Grandma Goose had her hands full reading to the chilly bambinos.

The Reader

   And, of course, what would a cold, snowy day be without a snow clouds inspired Whip Out?

Daily Whip Out: "A Cold Ride Home"

   Speaking of cold, got this feedback on a quote I used the other day:

"BBB, your use of my quote duly noted by my lawyer/CPA.  Be advised my word rate is One Big One per pop, considerably more than we paid you at AZ Highways a thousand years ago when all the world was young including us.  Seriously, I do truly enjoy your Blog, and I deeply worry about that.  Hitting 90 I can still see The Hill in my rear view mirror, and I recall my favorite quote regarding your Mojave County.  'A place where you dig for wood and climb for water.'  Remember the word rate, boy.  Dedera 

   As in Don Dedera, the former editor of Arizona Highways and the award-winning columnist for the Arizona Republic, where he managed to free the Power brothers from 40 years in the pen by the use of his pen. One more quote from the Old Man responding to my request for his mailing address so I could send him a fee for use of the quote:

"BBBBBBBBBBBB.  Second closet on left, fourth floor, geriatric ward, 24th Street and Van Buren.  Just slip the penny under the door.  THE Virginian."

   And, what, may you say, caused this, ahem, blizzard of email exchanges?

"Your blog is goosier than your books."
—Don Dedera  

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  1. That 24th Street & Van Buren address has some historic content/context, Bob.


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