Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Punk Kid Grows Into Solid Citizen

January 23, 2019
   The kid went through a punk phase (along with his dad), but he grew up to be a solid citizen.

I'll give the lad this: he always could style a sugarloaf:

T-Bell Sylin' A Sugarloaf

He also had very creative ideas on fashion:

T-Bell's Strange Leg Deal

  Full disclosure, the boy was not always an angel and could be a tad irritating from time to time. For example, when pushed, T-Bell could really put on a prize winning whine:

"Do I HAVE to go on this hike?"
Deena C., Kathy and Tommy at
El Moro Rock in New Mexico

  I could always get the boy to sleep just by talking about Billy the Kid.

And now, he is a dad and he has taken on the mantle of being a good uncle to his niece.

Frances and Thomas

Happy 36th birthday, Thomas Charles Bell!

"Don't stop to count the years. Sweet songs never last long on broken radios."
—John Prine

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