Thursday, February 21, 2019

90-Year-Old Wordsmith Not Amused But He Does Have Impressive Breasts

February 21, 2019
   Oh, boy.

   "Boze, was NOT pleased or amused by your running in your Blog  such an out-of-date publicity pic of me as the sex kitten of yesteryear.  No. 1.  I am not, never was, a Frog.  Actually, I fervently hate Frogs, ever since my second tour in 'Nam,  when a surviving Colonial Frog waiter in a jungle slop chute over-charged me 400 pees for a warm can of Biere 33, and kept the change.  Also, No. 2, my breasts today at age Big Niner Oh are twice the size of those depicted.  By actual tape measurement my current vital statistics, from top to bottom, are 42-42-42."
—Don Dedera

   Okay, here is an actual photograph of my favorite 90-year-old wordsmith:

Don Dedera On His Way to Bashas'

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