Tuesday, February 26, 2019

What Are The Odds of Becoming a Successful Artist? Let's Do The Math

February 26, 2019
   Warming up after all that snow. Creek is ripping from all the snow melting up north.

   Did I ever mention I married a math teacher to help me balance my checkbook? Yes, it's true, when I met Kathy, she was employed as a math teacher at Moon Mountain Elementary School in North Phoenix. Many of the teachers she taught with are still friends and they get together a couple times a year to hike, break bread and talk about their lives. Last Sunday they all met at our house for a hike and breakfast. I made the green chile and eggs.

The Moon Mountain Elementary Crew

    I actually enjoy these old teachers, because they are so selfless and honest. They're not like my friends. When we get together we lie to each other constantly and some of us even insist we balance our own checkbooks.

"There are three types of people who major in art: those so full of passion they find inspiration in a falling leaf; those who yearn to feel anything at the sight of a falling leaf; and those who cannot do math."
—Jessica C. Bakule

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