Monday, February 04, 2019

The Freebee

February 4, 2019
   In December of last year, I made this crazy vow: "I want to create a graphic novel so ridiculous that only my best friends would even consider buying it—and then NOT sell it to them!"

   So, for the past sixty days I have been noodling and working feverishly on a very Frankenstein-ish book, put together in pieces, backed-in, fleshed out, duck-taped, jigsawed and chicken-wired. 

The Old Cut and Paste

   Does it make any sense? Perhaps, if you know me. Does it track? Kind of. Is it a movie? That remains to be seen.

Maynard Dixon painting at Needles, 1900

   Thanks to the boys down at Cattletrack, that would be Mark and Brent, we are only going to print 25 of them. They are not for sale. I didn't do this one for the money.

Maynard Dixon

   My story includes one of my painting heroes, above, who went from selling his paintings for a dollar a piece to, well, let's just say one of his paintings recently sold for $1.25 million. And, regarding sky high prices on paintings, I love this quote:

"There's too much money and too little sense."
—Tony Christensen, art and antique dealer

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