Thursday, January 07, 2021

Classic Boze, Triple B Jeep Tours And Medical Marijuana

 January 7, 2021

   I recently came across some old artwork that caused a lot of trouble for myself and my former employer, New Times Weekly. Every week I used to do a Boze doubletruck on anything I wanted, and, as it turns out, a certain feminist group in Phoenix did not like this cartoon.

Or, for that matter, these cartoons.

   Fast forward a year, or so, later, and I did this illustration for the annual Best of Phoenix issue. I was asked by the publisher, Jim Larkin, to illustrate a billboard campaign for Best of Phoenix that would go with the headline, "We Settle All The Arguments." I thought it might be funny if we had the two mayoral candidates at the time, Terry Goddard and Margaret Hance choking each other. You know, like this:

Daily Whip Out:

"Terry Goddard And Margaret Hance"

   This illustration appeared on a billboard on Central Avenue in Phoenix. The local members of "Women Take Back The Night," the same feminist group who were not amused by the PMF cartoons, were convinced that Terry Goddard had a "superior choke hold" on Ms. Hance and they subsequently kidnapped 500 New Times newspapers holding them for ransom on the condition that I be fired. Editor Mike Lacey steadfastly refused, but later fired me for other reasons.

Classic Boze Lack of Business Sense

   I have been playing around with opening a small art gallery to sell paintings, scratchboards, art prints, books and Bozecards. I asked my creative friends to come up with a store name—befitting old school Cave Creek businesses like The Town Dump, The Horny Toad and The Satisfied Frog—and here are a couple of the more zany suggestions.

The Clown Dump

—Dan The Man Harshberger

Triple B's Jeep Tours and Medicinal Marijuana Plus Art and Books! 
   Once you get them in the door, you can tell them the jeep tours and marijuana are currently sold out.
—Michael Bortscheller

Triple B Ranch
—Carole Glenn

“There is a dark side to our history. But those who see it only in terms of the warts are as one-sided as those who see only the glory.”
—Elmer Kelton


  1. Bravo....great minds run in the same gutters!

  2. "ragtime" geeeeze!
    S. Paroni

  3. What about The Flying A Gallery & Historical Emporium? You could even offer to ice jugs for patrons!


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