Thursday, January 21, 2021

Uno The Leg Warmer

 January 21, 2021

   Had a fun day today with these two.

Kathy and Uno

   I call him the "leg warmer."

   Here's a feature I have wanted to do in True West for a long time.

The Day Tom Mix Died

   What was he thinking when he hit eighty on that dirt road from Oracle to Florence? Perhaps he was thinking of one of his six wives (he was married seven times). The King of The Cowboys knew his yellow, super-charged 1937 Cord Phaeton could fly, but, up ahead, a bridge was out and when he came over the rise, he probably realized one thing: his hotrod wouldn't make it across that chasm, even at eighty. The highway department crew working on the bridge and eating their lunch in the shade of a palo verde tree could not believe their eyes. There's more, but we'll cover it in depth in an upcoming edition of True West.

   Finished up another firescape.

Daily Whip Out: "Fire Rider"

   Cloud and a little rainy. Wish we had more, and so does this guy.

Drawing The Light

   One of the surviving saguaros down by the Hoss house. Appears to be beckoning the light, or the rain. I know how she feels.

"It's crucial to know where the work stops and your life begins."

—Ann Reinking (1949-2020)

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