Tuesday, January 26, 2021

When I Received My First Extra-Large Oscar

 January 26, 2021

   The Old Tucson movie studio and Old West town has been closed since September because of Covid and a friend of the magazine is looking into helping to revive it and run it.

   I have some history with the park. When I lived in Tucson in the seventies and we worked on the Razz Revue (not a magazine, not a comic, but a Magazomic!) we did several fun, photo shoots out there, like this.

The Second Annual Old West Razz Issue

    This was back in 1975, and here I am with Dan The Man Harshberger (far left) and Terry Townsend (middle), and the general manager of Old Tucson, who presented The Razz with an extra large Oscar.

The Razz Gets the Big One

       This was a gag, of course. No, I do not have this keepsake anymore. Somehow, I have misplaced it!

   We'll keep you in the loop on the efforts to revive this Western gem.

"Work. It's the easiest thing I do."

—Larry King

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