Thursday, March 04, 2021

All Your Burning Questions On Wyatt Earp Will Be Answered

 March 4, 2021

   Taped a promo for our next Facebook Live show "Thirty Minutes With Bob Boze Bell" utilizing this space in my studio.

Studio Mates

   Yes, we are doing Wyatt Earp In Hollywood for the next episode and I will answer the following questions:

• Did Wyatt Earp really hob nob with Western Stars and did he actually meet John Wayne?

• How wild was the last Mrs. Earp and did she really pose for a semi-nude photo?

• Who actually made Wyatt Earp famous and why couldn't he sell his own life story?

• Did Wyatt Earp kill John Ringo as he claimed he did?

• Why did my grandmother think Wyatt Earp was a total jerk?

Plus, A Bonus Question

   How did Uno get so damn big and is he totally photogenic, or what?

   We've been working on our egress for Cactusland and this morning these guys came and planted some saguaros along the new entryway.

Saguaro Road Crew

   See them along the roadway? The saguaros? They are random and at uneven intervals because we wanted it to look a little more natural and less German. (You vil place them every 2.5 meters!)

   FYI: Kathy is German and sometimes I like to kid her about it.

"Why do they bury Germans 20 meters underground? Because deep down they are really nice."

—Old Corny German Joke

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