Friday, March 05, 2021

The Dog That Just Wanted to Stay Home

 March 5, 2021

   I've had some dogs in my day, but I can't recall one that so enjoyed just hanging out at the homestead.

The Dog That Hung Back

   This is a view of our new egress driveway with the newly planted, random, saguaros and a dog that won't come. That's him just beyond the hose.

   When I go out to check on stuff like this I call him and invariably he shoots me that look that says, "Thanks, but I'm good."

The Dog That Wouldn't Come

Or, as he's also known:

Pee Pee Head
examines his splash guard

   That's Mister Pee Pee Head to you, Jack. Okay, he's just a puppy, but he'll soon grow out of this phase, right?

   "Don't kid yourself. If he's like most Labs, he'll grow up and start behaving himself at around age five."

—Toby Orr, Old Time Kingman Compadre

   Well, he's allegedly half Lab, but five years of puppyhood? Are you flippin' kidding me?!

"Frankly, you have spent well over 70 years on the planet and you've never matured, so cut him some slack."

—Another Old Time Kingman Compadre

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