Friday, March 26, 2021

Larry McMurtry Has Passed And So Has The Storm

 March 26, 2021

   Still chilly and rainy out.

   There are several things going on in this picture. One is, the storm is lifting, two is it's garbage day and I got the bins out in time, and three the newspapers came, and four, Uno is pointing at the newspapers in case I somehow missed them. Such a dog!

Daily Whip Out:

"Let Me Tell You What I Really Think

of Your Royal Balls"

   The older I get the less interested I am in clean cut characters. Always in the right, never a bad deed. Most of us have our days, all of us are torn.

Daily Whip Out: "Little Miss Dichotomy"

  Just heard that McMurtry has passed. Working on a pivot for the next issue (June).

   “I’m a critic of the myth of the cowboy. I don’t feel that it’s a myth that pertains, and since it’s a part of my heritage I feel it’s a legitimate task to criticize it."

—Larry McMurtry

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  1. Better for your protagonist to wear a black hat, preferably Stepped on by a mule and dirty. Grizzled and scarred face, hold doors for a lady but more comfortable consorting with “ soiled doves and gamblers with a ace of spades up their Sleeves .... lives their momma but spits at dogs and pushes obnoxious salesman into horse $hi+ ...


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