Saturday, March 13, 2021

La Zulu Bandita & The Pandemic Paunch Creep


March 13, 2021

We need new Western tropes. Try this one on for size.

She had to duck when she came through the door and she wore her pistols butt forward. Oh, and she had a skinned rattlesnake dangling from her gunbelt.

Daily Whip Out: "La Zulu Bandita"

If seen, stay clear or get gone.

   Going, going, gong. Here's someone who is helping me create another angle on the genre.

Uno and Dixxy: Both Works In Progress

Actually, that would be Juni Fisher, not the pandemic puppy, shown here taking credit for the latest sketches.  Or, as he is affectionately known around here: Mister Pee Pee Head.

Pandemic Realizations

   I recently discovered a half-finished painting in my morgue. This painting goes wayyyyy back to when I was doing a "White Hat" series for Terry Goddard. Yikes! That has to be 25 years ago. Anyway, one of the studies for that series was in the morgue and I discovered it while looking for something else and thought it had some potential, especially the hat. So I gave it a couple washes and, as I saw it developing, I realized it was more than just a guy in a white hat, it was actually a scribe working on a painting. I wanted to have some good hand reference, so I went over the house, threw on a similar jacket and grabbed a hat, went into the kitchen and asked Kathy to take a photo of my hand with the brush. So, she did.

The Pandemic Paunch Creep

   The hand is exactly what I needed for reference, but I could have done without the creeping waistline reference from all the extra pandemic snacking I have been doing for the past year!

Daily Whip Out: "The Scribe"

And here is the finished painting. Note that I am holding this painting, above, and that the hand and paint brush are not in there, yet.

Good Advice for Our Times

"We spend a lot of time talking about celebrities and how attractive they are. Paul Newman's blue eyes, how tall is Jake Gyllenhaal, how fast is Usain Bolt...

"Most of the time, though, our success is based on something we have far more control over: our emotional attractiveness.

"People who are open, empathetic, optimistic, flexible, generous, warm, connected, creative and interesting seem to have a much easier time. They're more able to accomplish their goals, influence others and most of all, hang out with the people they'd like to be with.

"The best part is that this is a skill, something we can work on if we care enough."
—Seth Godin

Old Vaquero Sayings Galore

Daily Whip Out: "Vaquero Coming At Ya'"

El amor es ciego pero los vecinos no.
Love is blind but not the neighbors

Despues de conejo ido, sombrerazos al zacatal.
After the rabbit has gone, it is time to pound your hat on the grass.

El que nace para ramal, del cielo le caen las hojas.
He who is destined to be a tamale will find corn shucks falling from the sky.

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