Saturday, March 27, 2021

Stud On Stud Action And Other Stud Study Conclusions

 March 27, 2021

      Thanks to Juni Fisher, I'm into a mess of studs and stud behavior at the moment.

Daily Whip Out: "Stud Study #3"

   It all seems rather primitive. I mean, when you get past the six-pack-abs, the languid, come-hither eyes and the menacing, panther behavior, what's the big deal?

Daily Whip Out: "Stud On Stud"

   Of course, I've done studs before.

Daily Whip Out: "Stud On Rearing Stud"

   And, it's not like they aren't all over the landscape.

Daily Whip Out: "Stud In Longjohns"

   But what is it about a stud, that puts a woman's heart aflame? Is it, in fact, some chemical deal? Dixxy Diamond seems to think so.

Dixxy Don'ts:
"Estrogen is a dangerous drug.
And don't get me started on Testosterone.
It makes some women absolutely stupid." 

  But even with that warning label, a certain kind of stud always seems to be welcome, especially in polite circles.

"It's always nice to have a stud muffin at the table."

—Janet Evanovich, best selling author

The Original Stud Muffin, Tom Mix

   Sometimes, if you get far enough out of the city limits you might run across a whole gaggle of studs.

Studs Galore at Cowboy Chow Time

   Like most people in Arizona, I've known several studs over the years and by and large, they weren't much fun to be around. Why? Because it's kind of like hanging out with some rangy dog who is always humping the furniture. It gets tiring after a while, especially when they move on from the furniture to your date, or your wife. Or both. No, strike that. It's not "kind of like that," it's exactly like that.

"If a guy's a stud, then he's a stud when he comes home, provided he has enough time to get himself back in shape."

—Lance Reynolds

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